How to Prepare for the FreeSurfer Course

"Required" Preparation

If you are a beginner to FreeSurfer, the following content is HIGHLY recommended to enhance your enjoyment of the course.

  1. You will have an opportunity to practice using the command line on the first day of the course. Please watch this video which introduces you to interacting with FreeSurfer through the command line:

  2. Please familiarize yourself with the terms in this glossary:


Bonus Course Materials

If you are unfamiliar with UNIX, it may help to do this online tutorial:

Other good UNIX references are:

Scripting will not be covered during the course, but the following are some good references:

If you are unfamiliar with MR physics, you can read up on it here:

There will be an optional talk that will go over the basics of MR physics.


This document was put together by a member of the FreeSurfer lab, which details some fundamental information and jargon which you may find useful when learning FreeSurfer for the first time. Download and read the following word document: FS_homework_doc.

We have two new videos to help you familiarize yourself with working in FreeSurfer or Freeview:

  1. Quality Checking a Recon:

  2. Freeview Demo:

In general, feel free to go through any of the slides and tutorials that we'll be covering during the course. They can be found here:

Not all of the slides are up or updated yet, but feel free to look at what is there.

You can also find videos of the course lectures here:

You can read up on the techniques and applications of FreeSurfer here (found under the References section):

You can download FreeSurfer and process your own data. Instructions on installation are here:

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