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=== Latest Version 7 Release is 7.3.2 (August 2021) === === Latest Version 7 Release is 7.3.2 (August 2022) ===

FreeSurfer Download and Install

You can read about and compare versions 7 and 6 in the ReleaseNotes.

Latest Version 7 Release is 7.3.2 (August 2022)

Freesurfer v7 release downloads and installation instructions are here.

Martinos users should visit InternalFreeSurferDistributions for instructions on how to use pre-installed FreeSurfer distributions.

Please note that Linux RPM/DEB and MacOS installer packages are available. We also provide a step-by-step installation demo video for MacOS. Further, we provide a VM (virtual machine) with the Freesurfer release pre-installed that can run on any Windows, Linux, or Mac operating system supported by Oracle's VirtualBox application. Instructions are available to install and run Freesurfer on Linux inside the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) including setup for the WSL environment.

Previous Version 6 Release (Jan 2017)

Freesurfer v6 release downloads and installation instructions are here.

Important Note: When processing a group of subjects for your study, it is essential to process all your subjects with the same version of FreeSurfer, on the same OS platform and vendor, and for safety, even the same version of the OS. While we continue to work to ensure that results match across platforms, there are none-the-less system-level libraries that are OS dependent. An exception to this rule is that you may view and edit files across any platform or version, and run some post-processing tools (outside the recon-all stream) if you check with us first (for instance you may run the longitudinal processing with newer versions).

Other Versions

Development Version: Daily builds of the FreeSurfer development branch can be downloaded from here.

Older Releases: Previous releases of FreeSurfer can be downloaded from here.

Freeview: For instructions on how to update Freeview, FreeSurfer's visualization app, visit the following page: Updating Freeview.


A license key must be obtained to make the FreeSurfer tools operational. Obtaining a license is free and comes in the form of a license.txt file. Once you obtain the license.txt key file, copy it to your FreeSurfer installation directory. This is also the location defined by the FREESURFER_HOME environment variable.

Follow this link to obtain a license key.

Additional Resources

Try our tutorials

Sign up for a FreeSurfer course

Join the FreeSurfer mailing list, ask a question, or view the archives

openneuro_badge.svg A free and open platform that can be used to run FreeSurfer. For more information, click here.

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