FreeSurfer Support

Have you encountered an error while running a FreeSurfer tool? Please follow these steps to get help:

  1. Search the archives: It is highly likely that someone else has run into the same problem before you. The fastest way to get answers is therefore to search the archives of our mailing list.

  2. Ask a question: If you cannot find an answer in the archives, subscribe to the list and ask a question. You can help us help you faster by following some simple guidelines on how to describe your problem.

    1. FreeSurfer mailing list (<freesurfer AT nmr DOT mgh DOT harvard DOT edu>): This is the list to email for general support on installing and using FreeSurfer. You need to subscribe to the list before you can send messages to it, and you need to send your messages from the email address with which you subscribed. (This prevents spam.) Messages sent to this list are read by the FreeSurfer developers and user community. All questions and responses are archived.

    2. Mailing lists for third-party tools: For problems with other tools and libraries used by FreeSurfer, please contact the respective mailing list:

  3. Exchange files: If the FreeSurfer team asks you to upload additional data files to help troubleshoot the problem, you can do so via FTP.

  4. Contribute what you learned: Once you figure out how to solve a problem that has not been documented previously, you can add documentation to help everyone else! To contribute to these wiki pages, you will need a WikiUserName. Please see GettingAccess to obtain a WikiUserName and then document away. To create a new page once you have an account, just goto the URL you want to create. For instance, goto this link for a page you would name MyNewPage: and note the link that says 'Create new empty page'. Just click on that and type away (but please don't use MyNewPage as a page name!).

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