Mailing lists and helplines which provide user support for FreeSurfer

analysis-bugs helplineBR Bugs: FreeSurfer, FsFast BR MailTo(analysis DASH bugs AT nmr DOT mgh DOT harvard DOT edu)BR [ subscribe]BR [ archive] BR BR FreeSurfer mailing listBR Installation and Usage: FreeSurfer, TkMedit, TkSurferBR MailTo(freesurfer AT nmr DOT mgh DOT harvard DOT edu) BR [ old archive]BR [ new archive]BR [ subscribe] BR BR martinos-tech Yahoo! groupBR Topics: FsFast, TkMedit, TkSurferBR MailTo(martinos DASH tech AT nmr DOT mgh DOT harvard DOT edu) BR [ archive]BR [ subscribe] BR BR

FreeSurfer Dependencies

Mailing lists and helplines for tools and libraries which are FreeSurfer components.

[ The BIC Brain Imaging Software Toolbox (MNI)]BR MailTo(minc DASH users AT bic DOT mni DOT mcgill DOT ca) BR [ archive]BR [ subscribe] BR

[ FMRIB Software Library (FSL)] BR MailTo(fsl AT jiscmail DOT ac DOT uk) BR [ archive]BR [ subscribe]