FreeSurfer Support

Mailing lists and helplines which provide user support for FreeSurfer. Please read the instructions in BugReporting before you email a support line.

FreeSurfer mailing list
This is the main general support and questions list for FreeSurfer. Please use this list if you have questions about the capabilities of FreeSurfer or would like to know how to do something specific. This list is also appropriate for installation questions for distributions available from our website. Emails to this list will be read by the general FreeSurfer user community and by the developers. This is not intended for support of issues pertaining to the Martinos Center and FreeSurfer (for instance, local installation and package issues should use the martinos-tech list).
Send mail to the list at <freesurfer AT nmr DOT mgh DOT harvard DOT edu>
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martinos-tech Yahoo! group
Please use this list if you are a NMR or Martinos Center user and have general questions about software available to the Center. This list is appropriate for questions about unpacking data or other data processing issues, and for general policy questions. Emails to this list will be read by other NMR and Martinos Center users, as well as the FreeSurfer developers.
Send mail to the list at <martinos DASH tech AT yahoogroups DOT com>

FreeSurfer Dependencies

Mailing lists and helplines for tools and libraries which are FreeSurfer components.

The BIC Brain Imaging Software Toolbox (MNI)
<minc DASH users AT bic DOT mni DOT mcgill DOT ca>

FMRIB Software Library (FSL)
<fsl AT jiscmail DOT ac DOT uk>