Looking for a new Freesurfer T-shirt

We are looking for a design for a new Freesurfer T-shirt!

To mix things up we would like to make a small competition out of it for the best design. The winner will receive a free Freesurfer T-shirt with his/her own design on it.

The rules are:

Files at size to be printed, at 300dpi in Photoshop, Illustrator vector files, High resolution JPEGs, and bitmapped files are ideal. If your art is in another format don’t worry, we can probably use it or even re-create it if necessary. Word documents, and Powerpoint slides will not work, but if they are converted to .pdf files they will. Low resolution files and images from the internet will not work. A good rule of thumb is if it looks good on your screen at the size you want it printed, it will look good on your shirts; if it looks bad on screen, your shirts will not look as good as possible.

Generally, a line of text is between 10-13″ wide, depending on the size distribution of the shirts. A full front image is usually between 7″ and 12″ wide, depending on the height of the design. A left chest print is generally between 3.5″ and 4.5″ wide, again, depending on the height of the design.

Have fun,

Lilla, Melanie & Priti

Old Designs

The latest Freesurfer design was the following:


Some other older designs were:

FreesurferTShirt/shirt1.jpg FreesurferTShirt/shirt2back.jpg FreesurferTShirt/shirt3.jpg FreesurferTShirt/shirt4.jpg

New Designs

Our first design for the contest was submitted by Bruce:


Allison submitted another one, still in progress:


Melanie also had a try:


And Martin as well:


And now Priti also submitted a design:


Another contribution from an unknown source:


And LZ gives it a shot as well:

FreesurferTShirt/tshirt_LZ1_front.jpg FreesurferTShirt/tshirt_LZ1_back.jpg

And a second time:


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