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|| {{attachment:NavigatorIcon.gif}} || Navigate Tool || {{attachment:VoxelEditIcon.gif}} || Voxel Edit Tool ||
|| {{attachment:ControlPanelIcon.gif}} || Control Panel On/Off Button || {{attachment:1x1icon.gif}} || 1x1 Screen View ||
|| {{attachment:2x2icon.gif}} || 2x2 Screen View || {{attachment:1x3icon.gif}} || 1x3 Screen View ||
|| {{attachment:1x3horizicon.gif}} || 1x3 Horizontal Screen View || {{attachment:saggital.gif}} || Saggital Volume View ||
|| {{attachment:coronal.gif}} || Coronal Volume View || {{attachment:axial.gif}} || Axial Volume View ||
|| {{attachment:
3D.gif}} || 3D Volume View || {{attachment:A.gif}} || Show Coordinate Annotation ||
|| {{attachment:navigate.gif}} || Navigate Tool || {{attachment:voxel_edit.gif}} || Voxel Edit Tool ||
|| {{attachment:ControlPanelIcon.gif}} || Control Panel On/Off Button || {{attachment:layout_1x1.gif}} || 1x1 Screen View ||
|| {{attachment:layout_2x2.gif}} || 2x2 Screen View || {{attachment:layout_1n3.gif}} || 1x3 Screen View ||
|| {{attachment:layout_1n3_h.gif}} || 1x3 Horizontal Screen View || {{attachment:view_sagittal.gif}} || Saggital Volume View ||
|| {{attachment:view_coronal.gif}} || Coronal Volume View || {{attachment:view_axial.gif}} || Axial Volume View ||
|| {{attachment:view_
3d.gif}} || 3D Volume View || {{attachment:A.gif}} || Show Coordinate Annotation ||

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Freeview consists of one window. In this window there is the main viewing area, to the left is the control panel, at the top is the toolbar, at the bottom are the cursor and mouse coordinates, and if you are in the "Voxel Edit" mode, there will be a floating "Drawing" toolbox.

Display Window


Here's a look at the program. In this instance, the user has chosen the 2x2 viewing option, and can see all 3 planes plus 3D together in one window. In this view, when you move the red crosshairs in one window, the other 3 windows also move and adjust along with the crosshairs. The window in which you are working is outlined in red. You can also see the toolbar at the top of the screen, and the control panel on the left.




Navigate Tool


Voxel Edit Tool


Control Panel On/Off Button


1x1 Screen View


2x2 Screen View


1x3 Screen View


1x3 Horizontal Screen View


Saggital Volume View


Coronal Volume View


Axial Volume View


3D Volume View


Show Coordinate Annotation


Show Color Scale Bar



Control Panel

In the control panel on the left you can choose to work with volumes, ROIs, Surfaces and Way Points. Each one has it's own set of controls and options described below.


When working with volumes, under Color Map, you can select Grayscale, Heat, Jet, and Lookup Table. Grayscale, Heat and Jet have the same control panel.

Grayscale, Heat, Jet


In this panel you can see your volumes listed at the top, in this case flash23. The box next to the volume name is checked, meaning the volume is active for editing and visible in the viewing screen.

Below, you can adjust the opacity between 0, completely transparent, and 1, completely opaque. Checking Smoothing display will smooth the edges of anything you have drawn on the volume.U Underneath this is the Color Map drop down menu where you can choose Grayscale, Heat, Jet or Lookup Table.

Using the sliding bars for Window, Level, Min, and Max you can adjust the contrast of the volume.

Lookup Table


In this panel, Lookup Table has been selected as the Color Map. Here too, you can adjust opacity between 0 and 1 with the sliding bar.

Below that is a list of different brain regions, and their associated colors. From this menu you can choose which brain region you are going to code or label. This is generally used n the Voxel Edit mode (at which point the Drawing Toolbox will pop up, described below).


picture and explanation of ROIs control panel and buttons here


picture and explanation of Surfaces control panel and buttons here

Way Points

picture and explanation of Way Points control panel and buttons here

Drawing Toolbox


In this toolbox you can choose different drawing tools, adjust the brush size between 1 (smallest) and 10 (largest), and set limitations. Below is the name of each tool:


Freehand tool


Polyline tool


Livewire tool


Fill tool


Color Picker tool

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