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Viewing Area

Freeview has only one window. This display Window shows the currently displayed slice. Multiple panes can show multiple orientations and configurations.

Information about the currently displayed data can be obtained by moving the mouse over the Display window or by clicking to set the cursor. As the mouse is moved in the display window, the Cursor/Mouse sections on the bottom will display information about the voxel (or volume element) under the tip of the mouse arrow.

It is possible to display multiple orientations of data simultaneously in the Display Window. This is done by splitting the window up into multiple viewing panes, each with a different slice, orientation, or other viewing characteristics. The cursor is linked between the panes so that a click in one pane to set the cursor/crosshair will update the cursor in all the other panes. There are four built-in configurations: 1x1, 2x2 (4 equal panes), 1x3 (1 large, and 3 smaller, equal planes on the bottom), and 1x3 horizontal (1 large pane, and 3 smaller, equal planes on the right). These can be activated by clicking on the appropriate icon in the main Toolbar (layout_1x1.gif, layout_2x2.gif, layout_1n3.gif, layout_1n3_h.gif)

In the latter three views, there is more than one pane in the Display Window. A red border is drawn around the active pane. To make another pane active, click in it to set the cursor. The Mouseover section of the Tools Window will only display information about the voxel under the mouse if it is in the active pane. Moving the crosshair/cursor in one pane will however, move the crosshair in all the other panes accordingly.

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