FreeSurfer Tutorial and Workshop Quiz

Discuss the answers to these questions with your partner.

What is the difference between a volume and a surface?

Do I have to use two MPRAGEs to run recon-all? Explain.

Can FreeSurfer help me select a region of interest and measure certain quantities within? How?

What is fsaverage made of?

What measures will FreeSurfer give me?

How long does it take for recon-all to finish processing one subject?

How long would it take you to do this manually?

Why do I have to set so many variables before using FreeSurfer?

Where do I find all those fantastic stats files FreeSurfer created for me?

When mailing the FreeSurfer list about a problem, what information should I include?

more $FREESURFER_HOME/build-stamp.txt

Why is spherical averaging better than current volume-based methods out there?

What is a limitation of this procedure?

When you do all that crazy morph stuff, are you changing the data?

Do I have to remove every bit of skull, dura, etc. that I see in the brainmask? Why or why not?

Oh no! I made all these edits to a subject but now I want to rerun recon-all on the subject again with a new version of FreeSurfer. Will I lose all my work?

Where do all those atlases come from that FreeSurfer uses?

If a ran my subjects with version 4.0, can I run the rest with the newest version?

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