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===Longitudinal Tutorial Preparations=== == Longitudinal Tutorial Preparations ==

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Longitudinal Tutorial Preparations

If you are taking one of the formally organized courses, everything has been set up for you on the provided laptop. Go back to the Longitudinal Tutorial page.

If you are NOT taking one of the formally organized courses, then to follow this exercise exactly be sure you've downloaded the tutorial data set before you begin. If you choose not to download the data set you can follow these instructions on your own data, but you will have to substitute your own specific paths and subject names. These are the commands that you need to run before getting started:

source your_freesurfer_dir/SetUpFreeSurfer.csh
setenv SUBJECTS_DIR your_tutorial_data/long-tutorial

Notice the command to open tcsh. If you are already running the tcsh command shell, then the 'tcsh' command is not necessary. If you are not using the tutorial data you should set your SUBJECTS_DIR to the directory in which the recon(s) of the subject(s) you will use for this tutorial are located.

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