Infant eTIV

We used a set of randomly selected dHCP 2nd data release data to recompute this (N = 50) (Not overlapping with the datasets from DHCP 1st that were used to create the template)

The robust template space was computed using an affine transformation model using robust registration (mri_robust_template) using the full DHCP 1st release (N=40).

For the infants the new scaling factor is: 358628

Recomputed with MCRIB2 (N=10): 346193

1. compute transform to template

2. take determinant

3. atlas_icv = theScaleFactor / atlas_det

atlas_det = MatrixDeterminant(atlas_lta->xforms[0].m_L)

atlas_icv = (theScaleFactor * (10 * 10 * 10)) / atlas_det 

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