Created 06/27/11

The purpose of this page is to provide tips and instructions for manual editing of FreeSurfer recons.

Transferring Recon Edits

How to transfer edits from a case processed in an older version of FS to the same case processed with a more recent version of FS.

mri_mask -transfer 255 -keep_mask_deletion_edits \

, where <infile> is "brain.finalsurfs.mgz", <maskfile> is "old_dir/subject/mri/brain.finalsurfs.mgz", and <outfile> is "brain.finalsurfs.mgz". This command would then transfer the edits from the old edited file to the newer file created with the more recent version of FS. It can be done anywhere there are insertions and deletions of edits in the FS processing stream, i.e.:




The control.dat which is used for intensity normalization can be simply copied over.

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