MNE Dart Server

The MNE DartServer runs on, which is a Centos5 virtual machine. Point a browser at:

The server is found in /home/nicks/Dart, and assumes account 'nicks' (or whoever has an account on fsvm) has 'sudo' access.

The HTTPPort in the file DartServer/Server.xml was modifed to '80' from the default '8081', to allow the page to reside at the default webserver port. This is the only reason for having sudo access. Without sudo access, the server could reside at port 8081.

To start the MNE Dartboard, type this after logging into 'fsvm':

sudo nohup java -jar DartServer.jar DartServer MNE >& /dev/null &

However, this is not necessary, as this script:


is run at fsvm boot-time, which performs this startup operation.

However, this command might be necessary to restart the server if nothing is appearing in a browser:

sudo /etc/init.d/dartserver restart

To watch activity of a running DartServer

tail -f ./Dart.log

To shutdown the server:

sudo java -jar DartClient.jar -q MNE

See Dart.pdf for everything else.

NJS July 2012

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