FreeSurfer Release Notes

These Release Notes cover what's new in a release, and known issues. See previous release notes for older versions.

Stable v5.3.0

2 March 2013

Stable release version 5.3.0 is a bug fix release to correct the problem with pial and white surface creation affecting thickness and area measures.

What's New

Known Issues

sudo apt-get install libjpeg62-dev

find this line:

< for t=1:step:size(perim,2)

and change to:

> si=max(size(perim));
> for t=1:step:si

in recon-all line 6148 change:

  if ( ! $found_tpNid  ) then


  if ( ! $found_tpNid  && ! $DoAddTp ) then

< #!/usr/bin/perl
> #!/usr/bin/perl5.12

Another workaround is to use tkregister to manually align the image, such that mritotal is not run, and the rest of recon-all should run properly.

Upcoming Features (v6.0)