FreeSurfer Release Notes

These Release Notes cover what's new in a release, and known issues. See the download and install page for the current stable release. See previous release notes for older versions.

Stable v7.1.0 Release (May 11, 2020)

FreeSurfer version 7.1.0 can be found here. This new version is being released so quicly after the previous one because we found some small issues with the way that conforming step was being performed. The conforming step takes your input volume and converts it to 256x256x256 1mm and converts the type to UCHAR (8 bit). When converting to UCHAR, it has to do some intensity rescaling. The method for doing this was changed in 7.0.0. In most data sets, this results in small changes to the output. However, we just discovered that it can result in large problems in some data sets, so, for 7.1.0, we are reverting back to the pre-7.0.0 method. Going foward, we recommend that people NOT use 7.0.0 and use 7.1.0 instead. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Note: always analyze all of your subjects using recon-all from a single version, do not mix versions.

Stable v7.0.0 Release (Apr 29, 2020) is being recalled and should not be used. Please use version 7.1.0 above.

Stable v6.0

23 January 2017

Stable release version 6.0 is a major release containing new features and bug fixes.

What's New

Known Issues