FreeSurfer Remote Access

Suppose you want to run freesurfer from home remotely? (this means freesurfer runs on a different computer, and the screen is forwarded to a different computer)

For simplicity, let's call the host computer (the one running freesurfer) "WORK". And the remote computer (the one viewing the copy of the screen) "HOME".

1. Get a VNC client:

To view freesurfer remotely, you need a VNC viewer program for HOME.

All three abovementioned programs are free and available on the web.

2. Get a VNC server

You also need a vnc server on WORK. vncserver.glx and vncserver are free linux programs. Get them if you don't have them already.

3. If needed, learn about SSH tunnelling

If you are logging into a remote computer with fancy security, you may need to use SSH tunnelling. Check the internet for details about how to do this. (it is not hard)

4. Run your vncserver.glx

From the WORK computer, simply enter:


(note: password protection is available... see vncserver documentation)

5. Run your vnc client

From you HOME computer, run the client, and log into the WORK computer.


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