Computational Neuroimaging Lab seeks Research Assistant/Technician

Seeking a candidate with neuroanatomy experience who is interested in learning more about programming and computational neuroscience. Also, seeking a candidate with computational skills who is interested in learning more about neuroanatomy!

For this position, the Research Technician (RT) will learn how to run MRI experiments on several different MRI scanners (small bore 9.4T, whole body 3T, and/or whole body 7T), for both in vivo and ex vivo (human) projects. Responsibilities of the RT will also include preparing the brain samples to be scanned, processing the data, presenting the data at internal meetings, troubleshooting problems that arise, and analyzing data. Our methods are unique and so all new staff will be trained in them. Candidates with skills & competencies that support their ability to learn these methods quickly will be stronger candidates. We are looking to fill 1-2 positions to replace RTs going on to graduate school.

Position involves working in a fast-paced computational neuroimaging lab. The lab is comprised of faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and research assistants from different backgrounds including Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, Psychology, Computer Science, Math, Physics, and Biology. Using these different backgrounds, the lab develops and maintains software to analyze MRI data and performs cutting edge research in a variety of domains.

Other projects/tasks the RT may be involved in:

The position offers great opportunities to work with prominent scientists, people from a variety of fields, a great and fun team, opportunities to publish, as well as guidance and support for future career choices. Please see our website to learn more about the different ongoing projects:

How to Apply for the Position: Please apply for the position on the MGH job board by providing a resume and cover letter: visit:
Click "search" and then input the following Job number: Look for Research Technician I (and II), job # 3150456

We are able to hire during the COVID-19 pandemic and we hope to make your transition into our lab as smooth of an experience as possible.

See below for an expanded job description:

We understand that people gain skills through a variety of professional, personal, educational, and volunteer experiences. We encourage candidates to review the key responsibilities and qualifications below. If you believe you have the transferable skills necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of this role, we encourage you to apply.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

A Research Technician II performs the duties of a Research Technician I (above) and may also:

Skills/Abilities/Competencies Required:

The following skills and competencies are not required but are a plus:

The Research Technician II should also possess:

Education: Bachelor’s degree required. Relevant backgrounds would be Neuroscience, Psychology, Engineering, Computer Science, and/or Biology.

Experience: New graduates with some lab experience (via course work, internships, etc.) or those without any prior research experience will be considered for the Research Technician I position outlined above. Those with a minimum of 1 year of directly related work experience will be considered for a Research Technician II position. Individuals with even more experience or advanced degrees should still apply as there is the potential to offer a more advanced position depending on the individual’s experience.

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