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FreeSurfer software is frequently updated and improved. The current version used at MGH-NMR Center includes a TkMedit Tools interface which is notably different from the beta version distributed on June, 2000. Whereas the FreeSurfer Manual and Tutorial describe the beta release, this guide describes the features of version 1.250, 2005/08/11. (You can find the verison of your copy by running TkMedit with the --all-info option.)

This guide begins with a section on TkMeditGeneralUsage that explains how to use TkMedit to view anatomical data and gives an overview of the interface. The TkMeditWorkingWithData section then covers each type of data that can be viewed and changed and how to use the tools relating to each. It ends with a TkMeditReference section covering menus, tools, and command line options.

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