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Creating a User Profile

  1. In the form above, please enter your Name, Password, Password repeat and Email, where Name is your WikiUserName. For security reasons, your wiki password should be different from your NMR Center password. Your email is needed for you to be able to receive notifications on page changes and to recover lost login data.

  2. Click on Create Profile, and a user profile will be created for you. (Note that a common mistake is to press Login instead of Create Profile when trying to create a profile.)

Please feel free to email fswiki-help <fswiki DASH help AT nmr DOT mgh DOT harvard DOT edu> if you have any questions or encounter any difficulties.


Always login and edit pages using the https url (not http), as the https url bypasses the page accelerator that is running (which doesnt play nicely with logins and edits).

Logging in

If want to login, enter your Name and Password and click on Login. If you forgot your password, provide your email address and click on Mail me my account data.

Changing settings

Save updates your profile (stored on the wiki server).

Logging out

Logout clears the cookie created at login.

The Cookie

/!\ The "ID", shown in the response page, gets saved as a cookie in your browser for the system to temporarily recognize you. It will expire next midnight - except if you choose Remember login information forever (after being logged in), then the cookie won't expire.