Running FreeSurfer on Windows

Please see this page with updated documentation including the Windows Subsystem For Linux version 2 (WSL2) and also the previous version, WSL1.

running freesurfer under WSL

Even if you only need to run freeview, you should still try to install the entire freesurfer distribution by using an installer package. This is because freeview links against many libraries and also needs X-windows and related packages installed on the system. If you have sudo/root permission, then you are better off letting the installer try and update your system with what freesurfer needs to run (instead of trying to manually install packages from the command line with "apt-get" on Ubuntu or "yum" on CentOS/RedHat).

Previous Notes

It is possible to run FreeSurfer on Windows 10 through the bash shell command-line tool. However, note that this has not been fully tested and is therefore not officially supported. Follow these steps to get FreeSurfer running:

  1. Install bash as described here:

  2. Install the following libraries in the bash shell:
     sudo apt-get install tcsh libfreetype6 libglu1-mesa libfontconfig1 libxrender1 libsm6 libxt6
  3. Install Xming as described here to use freeview

  4. Install freesurfer (linux) as described in the DownloadAndInstall guide

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