Project Description

We have a git repository for the freesurfer code base stored on out local filesystem. This repository also uses git-annex to store data files associated with the freesurfer package. We are looking for the proper procedure for mirroring this repo on our server so that non-martinos users who are behind the Martinos firewall have access to full freesurfer git repository, including all the git-annex files. It will be a "read only" repository, available via http, ftp. or rsync.


Our current versions of git and git-annex:

  $> git --version
  git version 2.1.4
  $> git-annex --version
  git-annex version: 5.20150710-g8fd7052

Current location of git repo:


Initial mirror creation (done once at initial setup):

  $> ssh transfer
  $> cd /cluster/pubftp/dist/freesurfer/repo
  $> git clone --mirror /space/freesurfer/repo/freesurfer
  $> cd freesurfer.git
  $> git annex copy --from=origin
  $> git update-server-info

Daily mirroring (daily):

  $> git fetch -p origin

We currently have a git and git-annex repository on our local filesystem. For example, lets say the repo is stored in the

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