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Code proposal: tksurfer: Resizeable "Information" fields in tool window


Proposal status








Currently the tool window supports resizing, but this does not cause the contents to resize. This is a sore point for the information fields, where the information is sometimes longer than the field.

Use Case Analysis

1. Users need to see complete strings in "Information" fields. Currently these are sometimes too long and thus clipped. 2. There is motivation to add additional length to some of the information strings. In particular, I would like to revise tksurfer.c to add information to the "Label" field: namely Label numeric value, and also the names and values of 2nd and subsequent labels that are attached to a vertex. (That modification not considered here. However it is blocked by the non-resizing aspect of the fields in the UI.)


Various tk frames in the hierarchy leading down to the fields in question need to be enabled for resizing.

Proposed fix

1. Add -expand yes -fill both (or similar) to various frames when they are "packed".

Proposed patches

To be done.

Trial implementation report

To be done.

Test Plan


Tests should cover the following categories of testing:

1. Basic manual resize of the tool window.

2. Good behavior for all three sub frames that make up the tk frames that present each individual "information" field. (Beware: confusingly, the source code terms the overall field frame is "Label" and also calls the caption sub-frame a Label, and neither of these is related to the FreeSurfer concept of a per-vertex Label.) I am concerned with the subframe termed "Overlay", as I'm not sure what that's for.