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Issues: tksufrer label/annotation edit features


Currently (2008-02-24) this description is incomplete -- still accumulating notes.


In tksurfer, labels can be created via the Custom Fill dialog, and labeled regions can be edited in various ways with the Labels dialog. These features have unexpected effects on the annotation data, which in turn leads to unexpected results if saved in an annotation file, and further unexpected results later when that annotation file is loaded back into tksurfer.


First an orientation to the Labels and Custom Fill dialogs, then an examination of the issues.

Label dialog

Below is an image of the Label dialog on which I have indicated names for its components to faciliate discussion. (These are names from the tksurfer.tcl.)


In general, the controls on the right side of the dialog can be used to set new values for properties of the selected label on the left side. Editing moves are sketched in the figure below:


Custom Fill dialog

The custom fill dialog allows various "fill" operations: Labeling a set of vertices: Ie: giving a set of vertices a new structure code, corresponding name, and color.


The heart of the problem likely has the following bases:

There are a number of symptoms/consequences that relate to this.