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Code: Click [[https://goo.gl/forms/iqfSW7QJlOnN7GEs2|here]] to request. Code: Click [[https://martinos.org/lab/lcn/resources/infant_fs_download|here]] to request.


Code: Click here to request.


  • Zöllei et al. FreeSurfer image processing pipeline for infant clinical MRI images. Human Brain Mapping, Vancouver, Canada, 2017. (until journal submission is still under review)

  • de Macedo Rodrigues, K., et al., A FreeSurfer-compliant consistent manual segmentation of infant brains spanning the 0–2 year age range. Front. Hum. Neurosci., 2015. 9(21).

Current skullstripping code: PICASSO -- need to get it independently, from NITRC. With questions related to this tool, contact Dr Ou ( yangming.ou@childrens.harvard.edu ).


source set_babysev_packages.csh

setenv SUBJECTS_DIR your_data_path

infant_recon_all --s SUBJ --age age_in_months

Other useful flags:

--masked (using a skullstripped input)

--outdir (redirecting output)

--kneigh (number of training examples to use)

See infant_recon_all --help for more information

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