mri_motion_correct.fsl - Aligns and averages two or more volumes. Uses the FSL flirt program.


The inputs and output can be any format accepted by mri_convert


calls fsl_rigid_register which calls flirt. See fsl_rigid_register -help. This should basically do the same thing as mri_motion_correct and mri_motion_correct2. One difference is that mri_motion_correct.fsl forces the input data to be float when converting to ANALYZE, and so the final output is is also float. mri_motion_correct2 keeps the native precision.


Example 1

mri_motion_correct.fsl -i 002.mgz  -i 003 -o mc4.img

002.mgz is a volume in compressed MGH format. 003 is in COR format. mc4.img (the output) is in analyze format.

Example 2

Say you have many input volumes, eg, 001.mgh ... 010.mgh, and you do not want to list all of them on the command-line with a -i. Then you can:

mri_motion_correct.fsl -o mc.mgh  -wild *.mgh

Note that -wild must appear BEFORE the wildcard.

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Reporting Bugs

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