FreeSurfer Download and Install

Internal FreeSurfer

People within the MGH/MIT/HMS Martinos Center should use the InternalFreeSurferDistributions. Freesurfer is already installed on your system.

Public FreeSurfer

For the public release of FreeSurfer, follow these steps to download and install FreeSurfer on your machine:

  1. SystemRequirements

  2. Registration

  3. Download - see also ReleaseNotes

  4. Installation

  5. SetupConfiguration

  6. TestingFreeSurfer

  7. FreeSurfer Tutorials

Or try our QuickInstall wiki which goes through all the steps above but gives limited detail on the various options you have with the installation.

Miscellaneous downloads

See MiscellaneousDownloads for additional software and data related to FreeSurfer.

Remote access

See RemoteAccess for information on how to connect to a computer where FreeSurfer is installed and run analyses remotely.

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