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Changing Slices

The current slice can be changed by using the Up Key and the Down Key on the keyboard. The slice number is displayed in the top right corner of the viewing pane for reference. If you are in 2x2, 1x3, or 1x3 horizontal viewing modes ( layout_2x2.gif , layout_1n3.gif , or layout_1n3_h.gif ), using the Up Key and Down Key keyboard keys in the active pane (outlined in a color) will change the slice in that pane, and it will move the red crosshairs accordingly in all other panes. If you are in Navigate mode navigate.gif , clicking and dragging the red crosshairs in the active pane, will change the slices accordingly in all other panes. All panes are linked.

While in Voxel Edit mode voxel_edit.gif or Recon Edit mode recon_edit.gif (Note: Only the most recent release of freeview will have recon edit mode), clicking and dragging the mouse will draw a line. Page Up and Down still function to scroll through the slices. In order to move the red crosshair you must either hold down Shift+Ctrl and click with the mouse, or switch back into Navigate.

Remember, you can also change the orientation of the data in the viewing pane by clicking the saggital, coronal, axial or 3D buttons ( view_sagittal.gif , view_coronal.gif , view_axial.gif , or view_3d.gif ).


It is possible to zoom in on any pane or orientation to magnify a voxel or area. To do this in sagittal view_sagittal.gif , coronal view_coronal.gif , or axial view_axial.gif , you may either:

  1. Hold down the right mouse button and move up to zoom in, and move down to zoom out. You must hold down the button as you zoom.

  2. If there is a scroll button on the mouse, you can scroll up to zoom in and scroll down to zoom out

  3. Ctrl+Left Mouse Button to zoom in at the cursor point, and Ctrl+Right Mouse Button to zoom out at the cursor point

While in 3D view_3d.gif viewing mode, it's a little different:

  1. Ctrl+Left Click does not zoom in, but spins the 3D rendering around the red crosshair

  2. Right click and moving up, or moving down still zooms in and out


You can pan across the data, which is especially useful when zoomed in. To do so while in Navigate mode navigate.gif , Voxel Edit mode voxel_edit.gif , or Recon Edit mode recon_edit.gif click and hold the scroll button on the mouse while moving the image. Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard. When using the arrow keys, know that when you scroll up, down, right or left, the actual label moves around, not the screen.

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