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Making FinalSurf edits - base

Edits made to the brain.finalsurfs volume of the cross sectional data sets will not transfer to the base since the base creation takes off from the norm.mgz of the cross data sets.

Therefore, in order to fix the base, one must edit the brain.finalsurfs volume of the base as follows:

Below is a visualization of the problem area in the base: brain.finalsurfs.mgz, slice 89 at coordinates 109 166 89 in right hemi. The problem area extends through slices 85 - 91.

And here is the area zoomed in:

First make a copy of the brain.finalsurfs.mgz volume to one called 'brain.finalsurfs.manedit.mgz' and save it within the mri directory of the base:

cp OAS2_0002/mri/brain.finalsurfs.mgz OAS2_0002/mri/brain.finalsurfs.manedit.mgz

Next, load the brain.finalsurfs.manedit.mgz volume as the aux volume in tkmedit and edit this volume by going through the affected slices and removing the voxels in the cerebellum and surrounding areas that cause the pial surface misplacement. Once you are finished editing, save the changes to the volume with File – Save Aux volume. Then, run the following to have edits take effect:

recon-all -base OAS2_0002 -autorecon-pial

Results will look as follows (see OAS2_0002_fixed):

Here is zoomed in version of above:

Now that the base and cross sectional time point 2 are fixed, you must re-create the longitudinal data set for time point 2. Return to the Longitudinal Tutorial to read that section.

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