Longitudinal Stream Change Log

A detailed description of the current longitudinal stream can be found here: LongitudinalProcessing

FS Dev

FS Version 6.0

FS Version 5.3

FS Version 5.2

FS Version 5.1

Initial studies show improved results due to the common voxel space. Furthermore, manual inspection is significantly simplified.

FS Version 5.0

!!! Do not use FS 5.0 for longitudinal processing, before updating some binaries !!!


No modifications to the data flow in the base or long stream.


FS Version 4.5

Improvements to the new longitudinal stream (modified base stream, fixes/improvements in the long stream).

Base Stream:

Long Stream:


FS Version 4.4

First version of a working longitudinal stream, without optimizing each step.

Main Differences:


FS pre Version 4.4

These old versions of the longitudinal stream should not be used!

The old stream is described here: LongitudinalProcessingPreV4.4.

Short Info:

Original Author: MartinReuter

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