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=== history ===
[[http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22248573|FreeSurfer]], Bruce Fischl. NeuroImage, 2012 Jan 10.
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 * [[https://surfer.nmr.mgh.harvard.edu/pub/articles/psychopathy_freesurfer.pdf|Cortical Thinning in Psychopathy]], Martina Ly, Julian C. Motzkin, Carissa L. Philippi, Gregory R. Kirk, Joseph P. Newman, Kent A. Kiehl, Michael Koenigs. Am J Psychiatry. 2012 May 11.
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 * [[https://surfer.nmr.mgh.harvard.edu/pub/articles/saygin_2011.pdf|Connectivity-based segmentation of human amygdala nuclei using probabilistic tractography]], Zeynep M. Saygin, David E. Osher, Jean Augustinack, Bruce Fischl, John D.E. Gabrieli. NeuroImage 56 (2011) 1353-1361.


Published material describing the methods used in FreeSurfer (please cite our software!, see also boilerplate text):

surface reconstruction

inter-subject spherical averaging

thickness measurement

cortical parcellation

subcortical segmentation

longitudinal processing

related methodological papers


FreeSurfer, Bruce Fischl. NeuroImage, 2012 Jan 10.


Published material citing Freesurfer:

cortical thickness

cortical surface area

local gyrification index (LGI)

clinical biomarkers


white matter


entorhinal cortex

  • Detection of entorhinal layer II using 7 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging, Augustinack, Jean C., Andre J. W. van der Kouwe, Megan L. Blackwell, David H. Salat, Christopher J. Wiggins, Matthew P. Frosch, Graham C. Wiggins, Andreas Potthast, Lawrence L. Wald, Bruce R. Fischl, (2005). Annals of Neurology, 57(4):489-494.

  • Predicting the location of entorhinal cortex from MRI, B. Fischl, A. A. Stevens, N. Rajendran, B. T. T.Yeo, D. N. Greve, K. V. Leemput, J. R. Polimeni, S. Kakunoori, R. L. Buckner, J. Pacheco, D. H. Salat, J. Melcher, M. P. Frosch, B. T. Hyman, P. E. Grant, B. R. Rosen, A. J.W. van der Kouwe, G. C. Wiggins, L. L. Wald, J. C. Augustinack, (2009). NeuroImage (2009).

cortical surface shape and folding analysis

surface-based analysis (SBA)


diffusion analysis

CBF - cerebral blood flow

cortical flat-patches


validation / evaluation

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