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=== tractography === === tracts constrained by underlying anatomy (TRACULA) ===
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=== tractography === === tracts constrained by underlying anatomy (TRACULA) ===


Published material describing the methods used in FreeSurfer (please cite our software!, see also boilerplate text):

surface reconstruction

inter-subject spherical averaging

thickness measurement

cortical parcellation

subcortical segmentation

longitudinal processing

tracts constrained by underlying anatomy (TRACULA)

related methodological papers



Published material citing Freesurfer:

(If you have a citation you would like to include in this list please e-mail your request to vinke[at]nmr.mgh.harvard.edu)

cortical thickness

cortical surface area

local gyrification index (LGI)

clinical biomarkers


white matter


tracts constrained by underlying anatomy (TRACULA)

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  • A. Versace, A. C. Andreazza, L. T. Young, J. C. Fournier, J. R. C. Almeida, R. S. Stiffler, J. C. Lockovich, H. A. Aslam, M. H. Pollock, H. Park, V. L. Nimgaonkar, D. J. Kupfer, and M. L. Phillips, “Elevated serum measures of lipid peroxidation and abnormal prefrontal white matter in euthymic bipolar adults: toward peripheral biomarkers of bipolar disorder,” Mol. Psychiatry, Jan. 2013.
  • Z. M. Saygin, E. S. Norton, D. E. Osher, S. D. Beach, A. B. Cyr, O. Ozernov-Palchik, A. Yendiki, B. Fischl, N. Gaab, and J. D. E. Gabrieli, “Tracking the Roots of Reading Ability: White Matter Volume and Integrity Correlate with Phonological Awareness in Prereading and Early-Reading Kindergarten Children,” Journal of Neuroscience, vol. 33, no. 33, pp. 13251–13258, Aug. 2013.

cortical region localization

cortical surface shape and folding analysis

surface-based analysis (SBA)

ROI-based analysis


diffusion analysis

CBF - cerebral blood flow

cortical flat-patches


validation / evaluation

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